Go Green With Smart Shades

Things are heating up in Minnesota…are you enjoying the summer temperatures? Basking in the sunshine and soaking up the warm weather can be relaxing, but how does your home feel? You want to leave the heat outside. The AC is kicked into full gear and you can only guess how much your next energy bill will cost. Yikes! Don’t let high bills put a damper on your summer. Instead, upgrade your home with smart shades and experience a difference in ambiance, control, and energy efficiency. Here’s how…

pirouette smart shades for energy saving Hunter Douglas St Paul 55331

Smart Shades + Smart Home Integration

smart shades for energy saving Hunter Douglas St Paul 55331
Smart home systems work wonders. You get an answer to virtually any question in seconds, control the temperature of your home from miles away, and now, you can integrate your smart shades into your system for ultimate control over light and privacy. Some of the benefits include creating a setting so that once your home reaches an uncomfortable temperature, your shades will close to block out the intense sun. Then, when the location services identify that you’re close to home, they’ll open just in time to welcome you back. Need more privacy while relaxing on the couch? Don’t move–or even lift a finger–simply tell Alexa, and your shades will move into the right position. That’s it!

Automation Makes it Easy

smart shades app for energy saving Hunter Douglas St Paul 55331
Saving money is easy with smart shades. It all comes down to creating the right environment in your home. Blocking the sun during the day will help maintain a steady, cool temperature. Motorized window treatments can be controlled using the PowerView app on your smartphone or favorite device. Create schedules, so your automated blinds move at the right time, or save your favorite settings. Notice that the sun is extra bright one day? You can shut them from anywhere in the world. Not only are you controlling light and privacy, but you’re also saving money–all at the touch of a button.

The Right Environment…All the Time

media room top down bottom up duette honeycomb smart shades for energy saving Hunter Douglas St Paul 55331
Maintaining the right ambiance in your home at all times seems like a dream come true. You can’t control the sun, but you can control how much enters your home. Smart shades help you balance your light with features like top down bottom up. Lowering your shades from the top allows the sun to shine across your ceiling while blocking the rest of the window. You get the natural sunshine you want without dealing with too much light–plus your furnishings are protected from the UV rays. Create a setting for top down functioning or schedule your motorized shades to move to position at the same time everyday. Balancing your light will help you create, and keep, the right environment all day long.

Let’s Go Green!

Energy efficiency has never been so simple. Smart shades have made it easy to take control over your light, privacy, and energy bill! We have motorized options that will fit your home’s needs & design. Let our professional designers show you! Contact our team at Aero Drapery & Blind today for a free, in-home consultation, or stop by one of our three showrooms. We can’t wait to get started!