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dual sheer shades for your home

Insider Edition: Dual Sheer Shades

It’s no secret that lighting is a major player that affects your home. That’s why light filtering window treatments are becoming a hot market item. These shades can bring in warm natural lighting while…
layering drapes in st paul home

Today’s Look: Layering Drapery 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…and 4. Layering drapery can open up so many possibilities for your home. By creating a new look and adding function to your window coverings, your space will feel rejuvenated…
seema krish fabrics for the design studio in St Paul MN

Seema Krish for The Design Studio

Fulfilled. Relaxed. At Peace. Are these the words that describe your feelings about your home? If not, we’d love to help inspire you to create these feelings. A simple way to start is with the fabrics…