Master Bedroom Makeover: Real Life Advice
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Master Bedroom Makeover: Real Life Advice

master bedroom makeover

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to finish personal projects. The kids come first, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for yourself every once in a while. Much like this couple, they had plans for turning a foreclosure into their dream home. But, 3 kids and 4 years after buying this home, there were still areas in the home that needed more love. The most important space was their master bedroom. They took the foundation of this room and turned it into something that represented their lives. Take a look at our tips for accomplishing a big project, like this master bedroom makeover. (Take a look at the this before photo, and then see just how far it's come!)

master bedroom makeover before and after

Don’t Rush

Renovating your home, even if it’s one room, will take dedication, time, and patience. The end product might seem far off, but you’ll become easily overwhelmed if you try to accomplish too much at once. Take a look at the first stage of this master bedroom makeover. It needed updating, personality, and a fresh start. With three small children, and balancing work and everyday life, the project seemed unbearable. But, they kept one thing in mind: small steps towards the finish line. Choosing a “one day at a time” mentality will keep you focused and stress-free. 

master bedroom makeover color palette

Minimize Your Choices

There are so many design styles out there: eclectic, minimalist, modern, classic...the list goes on and on. It can be stressful trying to decide which will work best for your master bedroom makeover. The key? Narrow the field. Choose a few colors for your palette and remove the rest of your options. Don’t compare your design style to others, but certainly use Pinterest and Houzz to inspire you! Once you have a few colors chosen, the rest will fall into place. You’ll find design elements that match your palette and your style. 

master bedroom makeover paint

Jump Into It

Take a look at the before photo again. Between sanding the trim, painting the walls, and shopping for design elements, there was a lot to accomplish. The more you think about all of the work ahead, the more you’re going to procrastinate on getting started. Instead, jump into it. Pick your paint, sand your trim, spend the afternoon shopping for curtain rods and accent pieces. Make your life easier by asking yourself two simple questions: Do I love this? Will it make my life better? If the answer is “no,” then move on. You’ll find exactly what you need for your master bedroom makeover; nothing more, nothing less. (The couple shared this adorable picture of their daughter during the painting stage...don't worry, she was only there for a quick photo!) The project came together nicely with new flooring and this chic shade of greige for the walls.

gallery wall

Let Your Personality Shine

These homeowners chose to incorporate a gallery wall. It was actually an anniversary gift, so it was important to show emotion and love. After spending so much time decorating the kids’ rooms, this was the perfect opportunity to put mom & dad first. Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a theme or style. Use the internet to your advantage, but don’t be afraid to try your own thing. The mix of colors, materials, and textures on this gallery wall created a gorgeous, unique, eye-catching addition to this room. Spend extra time finding elements that show off who you are and what you love--you won’t regret it. 

bedroom office

Make It Functional

Decorating is the best part of re-doing a room in your home. But, it’s important to keep function in mind when choosing your design elements. This master bedroom doubles as an office space. The design had to be minimal, while including everything she needs to work from home. Because there are three children running around, she made sure everything (like permanent markers) was up and out of the way. Notice the art supplies? She has everything she needs and a way to entertain her little ones if needed. Another important aspect of bedrooms is lighting and privacy. These homeowners invested in room-darkening shades, which are also energy efficient. The fabric complements the decor while providing great solutions for sleep. 

master bedroom makeover ideas

Start Your Own Master Bedroom Makeover

Full of life, personality, and function, there is no doubt that this couple followed our tips throughout their master bedroom makeover. The colors blend beautifully, the decor is unique, and the roman shades protect their privacy while adding function. Are you ready for your own makeover? Take our advice, put your heart into it, and watch as you transform your space. 



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