A Blue Color Story: 7 Rooms to Inspire You
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A Blue Color Story: 7 Rooms to Inspire You

blue color story

Timeless & classic, yet bold and beautiful: blue is always in style in the design world. Which shade is your favorite? The endless choices of hues make it easy to tell a blue color story in your home. From a deep, ocean hue to light, baby blues, your home can tell a story of its own. Here are a few ways blue can set the tone in your design.  

Bring in Blue

Do you want to make a lasting first impression in your home? Bring blue into your entryway. This blue color story is light and fresh, bringing together style and function. Plus, blue is known for its calming effect, which is great for returning home after a long day. Brighten up your space even more with white decor.  

Brilliantly Bold

Want to tell a blue color story that adds dramatic character to your space? Look no further than a bold blue, like the one in this gorgeous design. But, make sure your choice of hue is intentional. Every aspect of this design was carefully selected, which is why everything has an elegant flow. Explore your style and let your inner-designer take over to create your own look. 

Soft & Subtle


Working from home has become more of the norm, and home offices have become a must in home designs. You deserve an office space that will encourage success and create a calming environment. One of the most important parts of setting yourself up for success is the lighting. Take a look at the soft fabric shades here. When lowered, they’ll diffuse the natural light, keeping annoying glare out of your space. 

Backsplash of Blue

This blue color story is so inviting. The backsplash features soft blues, and paired with the cobalt chairs, we can’t help but be drawn to this kitchen design. Plus, the hues in this space will make it easy to pair with many accent colors for years to come.  

Your Personal Spa

Who wouldn’t want to have an at-home spa? This blue color story is one of pure relaxation. The soothing tones of aqua and white set the tone for a spa-like experience, with its ocean vibe and chic decor. And, we can’t forget about the lighting. Skylights are ideal for bathrooms; they bring in natural light while protecting privacy. Smart shades can provide even more control. Dim the lights at the touch of a button or use your smartphone. Your shades will automatically close to your liking, so you can sit back and relax.  

A Pop of Color

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy to pair colors with blue. If you want to tell a blue color story while incorporating a touch of your own style, take a look at this bedroom. We love the contemporary feel of this space. The wallpaper provides a bold, dark blue backdrop with an eye-catching white contrast. Then, the green headboard offers a twist with modern appeal. What accent color would you choose? 

The Latest Trend

If you like to keep up with the latest design trends, you’ll know all about “the fifth wall.” This trend takes the traditional look of a white ceiling and gives it an exciting makeover with color. Whether it matches the surrounding walls or is a different hue, it makes the design look dynamic and elegant, just like this dining room. This blue color story is unforgettable. And, we love the soft flowing draperies, but be careful with lighting. The light stays right at the window. Top down shades are a great option to show off beautiful fabrics while spreading the light across the ceiling. 

Tell Your Blue Color Story

Which design elements are most important to you? Comfort? Function? Style? We can make your blue color story come true. Let our professional designers help you find window treatments that enhance your design. We’ll show you the latest features and styles. Visit one of our showrooms in Little Canada, Burnsville, or Maple Grove. Want to shop in the comfort of your home? We’ll bring the showroom to you. Contact our team at Aero Drapery & Blind for a free, in-home consultation.



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